Thursday, August 4, 2011

Talk Openly about Sex & Your Romantic Relationships

Talk Openly about Sex with yourself and your partner.
Share your thoughts, beliefs, fears and desires.
When you are honest and open, it decreases the amount of fear around the topic.
Talking openly also helps you and your partner to be clear about your expectations.

Most people are in lower vibrational relationships with other people.
Most romantic relationships on the planet are about:
1. just not wanting to be by yourself
2. being with someone only because they are familiar
3. staying in a routine
4. just having someone in your life to have sex with
5. not feeling whole and thinking someone else will complete you
6. thinking that being a couple is just a better place to be
7. having someone at home while you cheat on them
8. needliness
9. co-dependency
10. owning another person
11. wanting someone else to give you their energy

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