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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

About Ten Nebula (Tanya Thomas)

Ten Nebula is a trained shaman, Reiki master, psychic, trance channel, and schooled doula.
She also attended high school for art and attended City College of New York in Harlem for art history.  She has been trained in many holistic health modalities. She believes in proactively healing one’s life in order to shed fears & disease states of being. Ten Nebula offers her healing work in the form of blogs, videos, and talks at this time. It is a goal of hers to write books on health and open a healing clinic in California.

Social Activist
Ten Nebula is a social activist who believes that in order for humanity to progress we must be FULLY aware of the issues we hold. She presents her activism in form of blogs, videos, and talks. Her major focuses are women’s issues, animal rights, and gay/transgender rights. Ten Nebula also donates to U.S. non-profits, nationwide, on the monthly & annual basis.

Political Activist
Ten Nebula believes in the equality for all. She advocates for people to exercise their right to vote and be properly educated about the American systems (i.e. police, federal courts, making of laws, etc).  She also works towards rallying the U.S. government to make more U.S. companies/entities transparent and honest so the American people can BETTER relate to them. Ten Nebula has sued Facebook and 8 other U.S. companies over issues of racism, sexism, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying.

Environmentalist / Witch
Ten Nebula is an environmentalist. She donates to U.S. green non-profits every year. She participates in Earth day clean-ups. She strongly believes in the power of recycling and composting. She educates the public about ways to help the environment through her blogs, videos, and talks. Ten Nebula is also a white witch who honors and worships The Goddess, Nature, Gaia (the earth mother) and serves The Light / Divine Will.

Karma Yoga
Ten Nebula believes in karma yoga, donating, giving back, and volunteering as a way to find your purpose and to be of serve to the whole. She donates on the monthly and annual basis. She had volunteered at Earth day clean-ups, vegetarian festivals, holistic health centers and green festivals. She also gives back by offering to the public free blogs, free educational videos for years that are now recently monetized, and useful talks. She also gives back through her daily spiritual practice.

Ten Nebula is an artist who has been singing since she was in middle school, dancing since she was a child, modeling since she was a teenager, and discovered her love for acting as a young adult. She attended high school for art and attended City College of New York in Harlem for art history. She also donates to art-based institution (like The Studio Museum of Harlem, Five Myles Gallery, etc.) on the annual basis. She has volunteered at art-based events like New York Cares Day & Celebrate Brooklyn Art Festival.

Ten Nebula is currently working on preparing her life for her next level as an artist in Hollywood where she will focus on writing, films, documentaries and her performing arts.

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The Black Bombshell
The Sun Goddess
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Monday, October 3, 2016

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Quotes by Ten Nebula

( ) "Light Runs Tings."
( ) "Illusions may scream loudly but they are still illusions."

Friday, March 1, 2013

Healing With Ten Nebula

Ten Nebula (The Trillionairess) is a Goddess Priestess, Reiki Master, Oracle, Channeler, Shamaness and Psychic healer. She creates works dedicated to The Great Mother Goddess and the light & love vibrations.

Ten Nebula Healing Space offers phone sessions, treatments, workshops, and trainings to help you to grow, heal, clear, expand and be happier. We also offer monthly specials, so check out our online calendar. We offer healng work to local and nationwide clients.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Can We Help You?

Honoring Your Divine & Sacred Sexuality can help you if:

1. you want to heal yourself
2. you want to clear old beliefs about your sexual self
3. you want to heal your relationships
4. you want to face your fear
5. you want to higher your vibration
6. you want to have a healthier relationships with your body
7. you want your sex life to be lighter & more enjoyable
8. you want to use your sexual energy in better ways
9. you want to be a better human being
10. you want to create from a more expanded space

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Different Ways to Align with The Great Mother & Heal Thyself

Different Ways to Align with The Great Mother & Heal Thyself

For Women:
How can women begin to honor The Goddess and heal themselves?

1. Get healing work often (i.e. alternative therapies)
2. Have ritual & ceremonies during the new & full moons
3. Create a daily practice (i.e. meditation, chanting, movement, etc.)
4. Honor yourself, honor your body and feelings
5. Set new healthier standards in your life
6. Get more clear with what you want as a woman for your life
7. Learn various forms of psychic tools for protection
8. Put yourself first in your life
9. Speak your truth and be self-expressive
10. Honor your sexuality, womb, and menstral blood
11. Read various books on Goddess Craft
12. Attend various pagan gatherings and circles

For Men:
How can men begin to honor The Goddess and heal themselves?

1. Get healing work often(i.e. alternative therapies)
2. Have ritual & ceremonies during the new & full moons
3. Create a daily practice (i.e. meditation, chanting, movement, etc.)
4. Honor women with out trying to control them or their sexuality
5. Honor yourself, your body, emotions & creativity
5. Set new healthier standards in your life
6. Get more clear with what you want as a man for your life
7. Learn various forms of psychic tools for protection
8. Do the work to connect with your feminine energy
9. Honor your sexuality. Honor women's womb and menstral blood
10. Read various books on Goddess Craft
11. Attend various pagan gatherings and circles

*Healing work/Alternative therapy can be many things like massage, acupunture, colonic, psychic healing, spiritual counseling, reiki, spiritual bathes, shamanic work, etc.

For more info on self-healing, visit

Quote on Sacred Sexuality

Sexuality aligns your body into a state of healing and opens gateways to the stars. Sexuality in a bonded, loving relationship can be profound and take you into other worlds, revitalize your body, and remind your body of its most idealized patterns. Sexual expression offers exploration of both the spiritual and physical realms.

From the book "Earth"
Written by Barbara Marciniak

Sex is meant to last for hours

Yes, Sex is meant to last for hours.
It is not suppose be for only 5 minutes.
A quickie can be quick
but lovemaking is suppose to be a healing & precious experience.

When you are healthy and empowered,
then sex will be more lasting.
Your body is more sensitive, you become more aware,
and the experience is more gratifying.

Make the intention to have your sexual experiences last longer.
Men be willing to hold off on orgasm and to enjoy the process.
Women be willing to take the lead during lovemaking, enjoy yourself,
show your lover how to please you, and help your partner to delay orgasm.

Cheating & Forgiveness

It is best that if you are cheated on,
that you give yourself space to reflect on the situation
instead of instantly forgiving the other person.

When you jump back into it without time to look deep within,
you may be asking for it to occur again or you may be hiding from the root cause for the cheating.

Take the time you need to see if you still really want that person, want to leave the relationship or you may need a period of seperation.

If the person really loves you, then they will not try to pressure you into getting back together immediately.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Too Much Porn

Watching porn too often or everyday can and will lower your vibration.

Because watching two people get it on that do not love or honor each other sends messages to your body & brain that it is ok. Porn often depicts the males getting pleasured and the women being submissive and faking their enjoyment. This is not sacred. You will enforce those lower beliefs within you that say sex is meant to be that way - detached, painful, fake, lustful, degrading, and meaningless.

If you want to higher your vibration and heal your sexuality, turn off the porn and focus more on lovemaking that has love, integrity and care.

For most, Monogamy is best....

Most people are too dishonest with themselves and others to be with multiple partners. Most people when they have multiple partners are dishonest about it.
For most people, it is best for them to be in monogamous relationships versus being with multiple people.

When you are in a monogamous relationship, there is a level of integrity that is called upon. You get to know the other person better. Trust and honesty are built up. You can share with them the most intimate parts of you. Being in a monogamous relationship offers support for each person.

You have to be healthy to attract a healthy relationship

You have to be healthy to attract a healthy relationship
If you don't respect your body, yourself, and your truth,
Then you will not attract a person who does
who you attract will only be a reflection of you
So take the time to get healthy and light
and release your fears, illusions and disease
then you will attract a healthier and higher vibrational partner and relationship

Learn more, visit "Healthier Living, Healthier Being" -

Positive Affirmations to Honor & Heal Your Sexual Self

Positive Affirmations you can use on the daily basis to honor & heal your body and sexual self

I accept and love myself for who I am right now.
I am pleasing to myself.
I take time for myself today and everyday.
I receive all the nurturing touch I need to feel alive and connected.
I focus on what is good and loving in other people, thus contributing to their ability to experience themselves in a more positive way.
My soul is dissolving my negative beliefs about my body and health. It is replacing them with loving, positive thoughts.
All my energy is coming to a higher order.
I am calm, alert, and balanced.


Prayerwork to increase light into your body

Great Mother Goddess, who is in and through all,
I know there is only goodness and I am one with this truth.

I intend to love and honor all aspects of my body.
I intend to love and honor all functions of my body.
I intend to think of my body in positive ways.
I itend to take great care of my body on the daily basis.
I give thanks to the divine for my beautiful vessel.
I release and let go, knowing all is done, well and now, perfectly and comletely.
In accordance with my highest and greatest good,
let it be so......

Prayer created by Ten Nebula

Learn more, visit "The Miracle of Active Prayer" -

The Blood Mysteries

Womens menstrual blood has always been revered as holy and sacred. We need to remember this and come back to this ancient truth. Menstrual blood is a divine elixir that can be used for many purposes. Women must begin again to honor themselves, their bodies, their wombs, their blood time, and their sexuality. We set the standards in society and we always have (Example, If we allow abuse in our lives, the world will treat us accordingly). We must raise our standards and vibrations, as women, if we truly want change for ourselves, our families, and our planet.

What are the “blood mysteries”?
There are books that go into this (like "Earth" by Barbara Marciniak) but I can give you the basics. The blood mysteries are mysteries that connect and bond womens’s lives to the Great Goddess from their menarche, to their menses, through childbirth, and then to menopause. With each of theses great transitions, the spirit of the women is transformed, expanded, and initiated into divine wisdom & knowing.

What are some of the other names for our “menses blood and period”?
Moon Blood, Magic Blood, Sacred Blood, Wise Blood, Holy Menses, Blood Time,
Blood Bonding

How to honor your bloodtime more?
1. Create prayers focused on your bloodtime and read it each day
2. speak kindly of your menses and welcome it every month
3. speak openly to those you love about your blood time
4. join a women's group and talk about your menses
5. speak to your lover openly about your bloodtime
6. create pictures with your blood
7. mark your body with your blood
8. write a thank you letter to your body and womb

How can you nurture yourself more during your menses?
1. eat more red foods
2. use more red spices like chayenne and chili
3. take hot showers and bathes
4. put hot water bottles on your womb
5. drink hot teas and beverages

Various ways to use your sacred blood to honor the Goddess
1.water your plants, gardens, trees relatives, etc.
2.pouring libations to the earth & ancestors
3.marking your body for blessings
4.marking your home and space for protection
5.going into nature with other women and bleeding into the earth
6.drink it as an elixir and sacred communion

Learn more, visit "Blood Red: A Devotion To Our Sacred Blood Time" -

The Hot List

( ) Moaning & Other Sounds
More info coming soon

( ) Kissing
More info coming soon

( ) Kundalini Energy
More info coming soon

( )Breathing......
Breathing is another thing that is very important during sex.
Most people forget to breathe or the breathe gets stuck during all the excitement.
Remember to stay connected to the breathe, so you stay present and connected to your body. Breathing also allows the energy to flow to where it is needed. It helps the cells to recieve the healing sexual energy.

Healthy Barriers and Healthy Boundaries in your Sexual Life

There are a variety of tools you can use for healthy boundaries.
Healthy Barriers and Healthy Boundaries tools (aka psychic protection) can help you:

1. keep our aura clear
2. keep your home clear
3. have a lighter dreamtime
4. keep your body for your own energy
5. keep your body free of foreign energies
6. keep lower demons energies out of your home
7. keep clear psychic agreements with others
8. stand in your own power and authority
9. speak your truth
10. be more self-expressive
11. strengthen your connection to your higher and divine self
12. stay more connected to source
13. keep your life clear of illusions

What Happens When you Don't Have Healthy Boundaries (aka psychic protection)
1. You feel sensitive to everything around you
2. You allow other people's energy into your aura and body
3. You take on others beliefs and habits
4. You feel seperated from the source and great energy
5. You get tired more often
6. You make unclear agreements with others
7. You may see and receive info that does not serve you
8. You become more susceptible to lower vibrational energies & demons coming into your body, aura, home, and dreamtime
9. You will visit lower (fear-based) astral planes during dreamtime
10. You allow & attract lower vibrational people and situations into your life

* Recommended books on healthy barriers & psychic protection:
"Pleiadian Workbook" by Amorah Quan Yin,
"Personal Power Through Awareness" by Sanaya Roman,
"Essential Psychic Healing: A Complete Guide to Healing Yourself, Healing Others, and Healing the Earth" by Diane Stein

Be clear About What You want

The first step in having a healthy sexual self, life, partner, and body is to be very clear about what you want. Create very clear intentions about what you want from yourself, your partner, and your sexual relationship. Write them down and be very detailed. The sooner you know what you want, the sooner the universe can bring it to you.

Talk Openly about Sex & Your Romantic Relationships

Talk Openly about Sex with yourself and your partner.
Share your thoughts, beliefs, fears and desires.
When you are honest and open, it decreases the amount of fear around the topic.
Talking openly also helps you and your partner to be clear about your expectations.

Most people are in lower vibrational relationships with other people.
Most romantic relationships on the planet are about:
1. just not wanting to be by yourself
2. being with someone only because they are familiar
3. staying in a routine
4. just having someone in your life to have sex with
5. not feeling whole and thinking someone else will complete you
6. thinking that being a couple is just a better place to be
7. having someone at home while you cheat on them
8. needliness
9. co-dependency
10. owning another person
11. wanting someone else to give you their energy

Getting Divine Assistance To Help You Heal Your Sexual Self

We are all connected and we all live in an infinitely abundant universe. There is always support and help when we need it. The universe is kind and loving and wants what is best for all involved. As human beings, when we come onto the planet in our physical form, we are given divine assistance in the forms of a higher self,Divine self, guardian angel, and spirit guides of light. They all work together in a team. They help us attract the best things to us, to get clear, to heal oursleves, to face our fears, to be healthier & happier, to expect good things to happen to us, and to fulfill our life's work & spiritual purpose in this lifetime. Our spiritual family of divine light loves us. They are present always but we have to call on them when we need them. Since they work with the Divine light and Divine plan, they act out of truth and they honor our free will.

Your spiritual family of Divine Light (higher self, divine self, and spirit guides) will never force themselves on you, try to take your energy, allow you to develop co-dependent relationships with them, or abuse you in any way. They are here to help you and assist you with developing the highest and healthiest life possible.

Make the intention to get to know your spiritual family of divine light and to utilize their help in your daily life.

1. Your Higher or Christ Self
2. Your Divine Self
3. Your Spirit Guides of Divine Light
4. Your Power Animals of Divine Light

Learn more, visit "The Magic of Shamanism" -

Be Honest

Be Honest with Yourself & Others about your sexual life and preferences.
If you like certain things, be open about it.
If you like a certain gender, be open about it.
If you are no longer satisfied, be open about.
You have a right to have what you want as do all people.
By being honest and open, you are most likely to attract the right person who will be suit you.

Spiritual Bathes: A Way to Purify & Heal Your Sexual Self

Spiritual bathes can be very healing and very powerful. In a spiritual bath, you use certain herbs and substances that help you to clear and banish old lower energies that reside in your aura or energy field around your body. Spiritual bathes can be done at your home. You can invite any of your spiritual family of divine light (christ & divine self, spirit guides, angels, archangels, saints, ascended masters, etc.) to be present to help you with clarity and relaxation. Spiritual bathes can be done anytime but the more powerful times are at night and during the new or full moon. They can also be done during the equinoxes and solstices. Spiritual bathes are one of the easy ways to heal and clear yourself of old outdated beliefs, agreements, and fears without spending lots of money.

Some steps for doing a spiritual bath at home:
1. Decorate the bathroom with incense and candles to help you to relax and get comfortable.
2. In the bath, put a small amount of sea salt, boiled herbs, epson salt, and water (salt absorbs negativity and the herbs can be boiled in a satchel).
3. Recite a clear, detailed prayer for what you would like to accomplish and what you want in your life.
4. Call on any of your spiritual family of divine light(christ & divine self, spirit guides, angels, archangels, saints, ascended masters, etc.).
5. After the bath, say "thank you" to all who help you and made it possible (i.e. elements, guides, earth, etc).
6. Give yourself sometime to relax afterwards.

The more you do spiritual bathes, the more you will release. As you heal, you will become more aware, grounded, and open to the divine. Spiritual bathes also work well with a daily spiritual practice and frequent healing work/alternative medicine. A great book on herbs that can help you pick out the right herbs for your specific needs is Scott Cunningham's "Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs".

Resource Reading: Vodou Shaman by Ross Heaven

Enjoy, heal, and flourish!!!!
Blessed be!!!!!!

Keeping Your Eyes Open

In our culture, we are trained that it is romantic to close your eyes when kissing and during lovemaking. It is healthier to keep your eyes open during both. Be open to seeing what is taking place and not hiding during your lovemaking. Make sure to have lots of eye-to-eye contact which will allow your souls to speak and exchange important information.

Turn On The Lights

We have often seen in movies that it is normal to turn the lights off during lovemaking. Keep the lights on. There is great fear around having sex in dark places. There is fear about what is taking place, who you are with, what your body looks like, and other things. Honor your sexual time with your partner and make the intention to be open to seeing what takes place between you. Let go of fear of enjoying yourself, being sensual, and being playful.

Smudging the Body

Smudging the body is a powerful way of healing and releasing lower energy.
It sends the message to the universe that you are ready for a quantum leap.
You can use sage or sweetgrass. Also, burning incense is great for the energetic body. It also helps you to heal. Do this during the full and new moon for a boost of energy.

Working with Etheric Beings of Light

You can work with Etheric Beings of the Divine Light during your lovemaking. Beforehand, make clear intentions that you want to work with only those that work with divine light.

There are many highly evolved beings who work with the divine plan & the love vibation who live in our universe. These etheric beings will move into your body during sex so they can experience what it is like to be human. You will benefit from their higher vibration and wisdom.

This is a very big way to expand your sexual time.

Celibacy can be a gift

Celibacy can be a gift

By consciously making a time to be celibate, you can intergrate your energy.
You can get clear about what your want. You can use that time to release lower energies from your body & aura. You can review beliefs about your sexuality and change them. You can use your sexual energy to create others things. You can allow your kundalini energy to help you to heal.

- You can be celibate while you are single.

- You can be celibate while you are in a partnership or marriage.
When is a relationship, it works best when both people want this step and are willing to do equal work.

Sexual Energy as Creative Energy

Sexual energy is a form of creative energy.
Sexual energy is also kundalini energy.
You can create the life your desire,
by dedicating your orgasm to it.
You can also create what you desire,
by holding your sexual energy in your body
and refraining from sex and masterbation.
You will also recieve more creative ideas when you refrain from sex.

Honoring Your body

You must honor the body if you want to honor your sexuality.
You must honor your partner's body if you want to have sacred lovemaking.
You need to take it day by day and be kind to your body.
Speak well of your body and think loving thoughts about it.
Honor all parts of your body and all its many functions.
Set clear intentions about what you want for your body.
Get daily exercise. Be well-groomed.
Drink lots of water and eat well.

Learn more, visit "Healthier Living, Healthier Being" -

Ritualize Your Time of Lovemaking

Ritualize Your Time of Lovemaking

These are a few ideas you may like to use to ritualize that sacred time.

1. Set the mood
2. Decorate the room
3. Use nice scents
4. Create an altar space
5. Create a prayer that can be used before lovemaking
6. Be sure your hands (and bodies) are clean
7. Turn off all phones
8. Light candles
9. Use incense or sage to purify the room
10. Invite any etheric beings of the divine light to be present
11. Have drinks and fruits available

Women Lead, Men Follow

The way of nature is that the feminine gives birth to all things
and the masculine helps to take care of her creations.
Women must set clear standards for the kind of partner they desire
and the men who truly want to be with those women will be willing to meet those standards (and in some cases, be open to change in order to meet those standards).

That is the way of nature!!!!

Ladies do the work, be honest, set those standards, and then stand by them

Learn more, visit
The Ways of The Goddess -
Mythology of the Goddess -
Sacred Teachings About The Goddess Craft -
Goddess Mystery School with Priestess Ten nebula -
I am...The Great Mother Goddess -
The Goddess Archetypes -
The Divine Nature of The Goddess -

Fears that may keep you from your fullest sexual self

These are some fears & illusions that you may be holding in your mind and aura.
Set the intention to release the ones that you feel reactive to.

1. Illusion - you are not worthy
2. Illusion - you are worthless
3. Illusion - you do not deserve love
4. Illusion - other people should come first
5. Illusion - sex is dirty
6. Illusion - sex is sinful
7. Illusion - sex should not be enjoyed
8. Illusion - sex is meant to be done only in the dark
9. Illusion - sex is bad
10. Illusion - it is impossible to attract a healthy, loving partner

Learn more, visit "Knowing your Ego, Fears, & Shadows" -

Higher Intention for Yourself, Your Body, & Your Relationships

Higher Intention for Yourself
1. Intend on loving yourself
2. Intend on honoring your body
3. Intend on developing a daily spiritual practice
4. Be more nurturing to yourself
5. Intend on facing and healing old wounds
6. Intend on having high self-esteem
7. Intend on being self-trusting, self-confident, and self-respecting
8. Intend on being self-expressive

Higher Intention for Your Body
1. Intend on honoring your body
2. Intend on accepting every aspects of your body
3. Intend on accepting the functions of your body
4. Intend on accepting the secretions of your body
5. Get active healing work
6. Get daily exercise

Higher Intention for Your Partner
1. Intend on a partner who is healthy
2. Intend on a partner who is self-loving
3. Intend on a partner who is self-nurturing
4. Intend on a partner who is respectful of themself & you
5. Intend on a partner who is willing to heal themselves
6. Intend on a partner who has high self-esteem

Higher Intention for Your Romantic Relationships
1. Intend on talking openly
2. Intend on being honest
3. Sharing your thoughts and feelings
4. Sharing your dreams
5. Being open about what you want sexually
6. Honoring each other's body
7. Intend on having a relationship that is light-based, spirit-centered and healthy

Key Issue for Women - Throat Chakra (Speaking Up)

For centuries, the issue that women over come is speaking up.
In this patriarch, women are told that if you are good, then you are quiet.
When women speak up for themselves, they may be regarded as a bitch or ball buster or nag. We are told that during sex, women should just take whatever the male is giving and not say anything to break his confidence. If you are not being pleased in the bedroom and you don't say anything, you will never get what you want.

Women have the right to be self-expressive and you don't need permission from another person or gender. Speak up on all matters in all aspects of your life.

When a person speaks their truth, it keeps them healthy, serves their highest good and the highest good of those around them.

Be self-expressive
Be truthful
Be honest
Speak Up

Key Issue for Men - Root Chakra (Lust)

Contrary to the mass thoughtform on the planet, men are not naturally promiscuous.
Most men on the planet are not healthy and they don't have their hearts open.
Nature is loving and kind.

If a species was disease and unhealthy, it would not serve the whole for that species to produce in large quantities. That is the reason why so many males on the planet at this time are having great issues with sexual diseases & erectile dysfunction.

You can't live a lower vibration life, dishonor your body, dishonor the sacred feminine, and them expect to have healthy auras, bodies, & sexual relationships.

Men must be willing to heal themselves and face their issues around knowing their feminine energy, being intimate, opening their hearts and connecting with their higher chakras.

The planet needs more higher vibrational men who are willing and available to make these changes in their lives.

The Goddess loves the male vibration and more men will have to return to her in this lifetime.

Becoming a Better Human Being

Spiritual Tips cheatsheet created by Tanya Thomas (Ten Nebula)
The Ten Nebula Empire

Tips for people to become healthier, better human beings
1. Use active prayer & clear intention to create your reality
2. Drink lots of water
3. Create a daily spiritual practice
4. Get daily exercise
5. Get monthly healing arts treatments/Alternative Medicine
6. Create an altar in your home and work space
7. Get clear about your dreamtime
8. Study the universal laws
9. Be pro-active in your shadow work (dealing with your ego)
10. Strive to become more of your authentic self
11. Spend 1-hour out in nature everyday
12. Get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours) every night
13. Eat well. Eat foods that are healthy and whole.
14. Give to others on the monthly basis (i.e. donate, volunteer, karma yoga)

Tips for Alternative/Eastern Medicine/ Holistic Health Centers & Practitioners
1.Go Green – purchase recycle paper for the office, use green cleaning products, compost, & recycle

2. Encourage staff to cultivate a daily spiritual practice. Learn more

3. Have clear, transparent communication with the public – use websites, offer an info email address, use contact boxes,  have phone numbers, clear business hours, fax numbers, staff directory

4. Donate and support U.S. non-profits (with annual reports & seals) on the monthly or annual basis

5. Use social media to promote your work, centers, businesses, books, films, modalities, workshops, etc.

6. Encourage and support alternative medicine/ Eastern medicines to get clinical trials so they are more accepted by the American public (Ex: Dr. Michael Gregor -

7. Align with and use best business practices & protocols for safety & efficiency– like cameras, job acceptance letters, ADP, termination letters, etc.

Additional Resources - Learn more ways to heal yourself by visiting

Recommended Books & Resources

Tools for Light Beings & Light Workers
Earth by Barbara Marciniak
The Pleiadian Workbook by Amorah Quan Yin
Spiritual Growth by Sonaya Roman
The Mayan Oracle By Spilsbury & Bryner

Spiritual Books for Healing
Hands of Light By Barbara Brennan
You Can Heal your life By Louise May
The Amazing Power of Delibrate Intent by Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts
The Power of Now by Erkhart Tolle
Change your mind and your life will follow by Karen Casey
Be Yourself by Mike Robbins
How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger

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Daily Messages of Inspiration

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Thank You Goddess for my health
Thank You Goddess for my courage
Thank You Goddess for being able to help others daily
Thank You Goddess for my path
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Thank You Goddess for being me
Thank You Goddess to my past, present and future
Thank You Goddess for all that I am and all that I have
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