Thursday, August 4, 2011

Key Issue for Men - Root Chakra (Lust)

Contrary to the mass thoughtform on the planet, men are not naturally promiscuous.
Most men on the planet are not healthy and they don't have their hearts open.
Nature is loving and kind.

If a species was disease and unhealthy, it would not serve the whole for that species to produce in large quantities. That is the reason why so many males on the planet at this time are having great issues with sexual diseases & erectile dysfunction.

You can't live a lower vibration life, dishonor your body, dishonor the sacred feminine, and them expect to have healthy auras, bodies, & sexual relationships.

Men must be willing to heal themselves and face their issues around knowing their feminine energy, being intimate, opening their hearts and connecting with their higher chakras.

The planet needs more higher vibrational men who are willing and available to make these changes in their lives.

The Goddess loves the male vibration and more men will have to return to her in this lifetime.

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